Quicklinkr Changelog

Quicklinkr Updates, Changes and Release Notes will be published below.


Uploaded 30th March 2017


  • Quicklinkr 2.0 is Live!
  • All New Quicklinking Algorithm & Procedures - Upto 400% Faster than previous version
  • Completely Redisigned User Interface
  • Rewritten and fully Asynchronous User Operations
  • Lighter, Faster Loading Pages across the entire Website
  • RSS Detection & Feed Subscription
  • Optimized & Restructured Database Schema


2.0.0-r is the first public release for Quicklinkr 2.0. All functionality has been tested as extensively as possible on both development and live servers. However, as a first public upload, there will be bugs and other issues that only present during live use of the service by multiple concurrent users. Please be patient whilst we fix any issues that arise and help us by reporting bugs to feedback@quicklinkr.com


Uploaded 27th March 2017


  • CSS Optimizations for iOS and Mobile Devices
  • CSS Re-writes to Global Grid Structure
  • CSS/JS Re-writes for better Touch Interface support


2.0.0-rc2 is a private live upload of Quicklinkr 2.0 which includes several CSS and JS fixes/additions to better support Touch Interface devices


Uploaded 21st March 2017


  • Quicklinkr 2.0 Live Upload
  • Server & Database Tests
  • Multi Browser/Device Functionality Tests


2.0.0-rc is the first private live upload for Quicklinkr 2.0. The purpose of this upload is to test all functionality on the live server and fix any issues prior to a Public release.