Judge Kavanaugh on gun control, EPA, net neutrality
As Judge Brett Kavanaugh nears his confirmation hearing, Ali Velshi and...
Kavanaugh hearings are off to an unexpectedly fiery start
Can Democrats stop Brett Kavanaugh on their own? No. Can they put up a...
Kavanaugh classmate Mark Judge details parties in writings - CNNPolitics
Joe Biden reacts to Kavanaugh allegations, reviving memories of Anita Hill hearing - CNNPolitics
Matthews: Trump should drop Kavanaugh
Chris lays out Trump’s options: Either push through Kavanaugh’s...
Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI investigation before hearing
Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual...
New concerns over whether Brett Kavanaugh lied to Senate panel
After pressure from Democrats, the White House reportedly expanded the...
Trump on Kavanaugh: ‘It was a great vote’
President Trump praised Judge Brett Kavanaugh after his confirmation to...
Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court
U.S. Senate votes 50-48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to The Supreme Court.
The FBI's Kavanaugh report: How long did GOP Senator Ron Johnson get to read it?
After the release of the FBI report, senators are set to confirm Judge...
Is the Kavanaugh Fight Over?
Rev. Al Sharpton sits down with Carrie Sheffield, Alania Beverly, and...
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